USB Posture Alert Reminder Keeps You from Leaning Forward

If you’re having issues with poor posture, it’s best to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Since bad posture when you’re at the computer all day can cause your back damage and cause shoulder pain. Which of course tends to lead to a pounding headache every so often. With this device, it’ll remind you to sit up straight when you need it. That’d be nice to have for those of you that zone out and forget to sit up straight.

Of course I see this as being the device most likely to be broken within a week of purchasing it. It’s not that I think it’s shotty craftsmanship, it’s just that if it reminds you when you’re already stressed out, it’s going to be far too tempting to break it. In order to remind you, it will show flashing LED lights and chime once when you’re leaning too close to your monitor. To keep it running just plug it into your USB port. It’s not an exact science, you could probably still get away with slouching, but it’ll at least keep you at a decent looking posture. You can purchase it for $21.99.

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