Electronic Webcaster Gun: Like Spider-man, but creepier

If you are into arts and crafts, then you probably have at least one hot glue gun around the house. I never really thought about using a hot glue gun to make fake spiderwebs before, but it would appear that some company has re-packaged their hot glue guns for just such a purpose.

Obviously, this type of marketing is designed for Halloween, and if you need realistic webbing for your spooky party on October 31st, the Electronic Webcaster Gun is for you.

The package of twenty gluesticks can cover about 350 square feet, or one 12 x 15 foot room. The webs come in three types. You can choose Clear, which glows blue under black light. Neon Yellow, which glows yellow under black light, or simply choose Glow in the Dark.

Now, I’m not certain whether you can shoot your webs like Spider-man, but why would you want to? Unless you want to swing through New York City. With a name like Electric Webcaster Gun, it ought to shoot like the webslinger.

This is just one reason why I think the Electronic Webcaster Gun is not well named. The second reason is because it sounds like a product that can make you a professional podcaster.

This Webcaster Gun with six sticks costs $50, and replacement sticks are in packs of twenty for $6.

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