BenQ Releases G Series of LED Monitors

BenQ is well known for offering digital devices that are affordable and function well enough for entry level to mid-range products, but they rarely venture into anything high end. Well, this time round it is slightly different as BenQ makes inroads in the LED display revolution by rolling out a couple more monitor models from its G Series – the 19” W G920WL that has a 16:10 aspect ratio and the 18.5” W G922HDL which comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The former will be the first LED display in the world where the 18.5” size segment is concerned, and BenQ hopes that both offerings will have enough trappings without breaking the bank to make them the next monitor purchase of choice for millions around the globe. After all, they do boast the lowest power consumption rating in their respective size categories, making them appealing to eco-conscious corporate users who also want to do their bit for the environment with the G Series’ mercury-free, energy-efficient engineering.

The use of LED backlighting in the G Series translates to brilliant visuals that won’t cause your eyes to dry up and feel tired after a long day at the office. In fact, it could potentially increase productivity in the workplace. Interestingly enough, both the G920WL and G922HDL will exhibit zero light leakage that paves the way for an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) of 5 million:1. This near-infinite DCR would also mean super-intense blacks, brilliant whites, and innumerable color variations, making sure it is able to handle just about anything ranging from fine text to graphs, chart, and tables with aplomb in razor-sharp definition to boot. The inclusion of BenQ’s patented Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology also brings to the work desk one-touch optimization of image richness, clarity, and depth using preset modes calibrated to specific applications.

There is no word on pricing, but we do know that these displays ought to have made their way across China, Europe and the Asia Pacific from the middle of last month onwards.

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