U Record Music Converter

For those of you who grew up in the days where cassette tapes were all the rage and CDs proved to be more expensive than what our weekly allowances could afford, here’s a gizmo that will certainly bring you back through the good old days - the U Record Music Converter.

Simply plug this stylish silver box into your computer, hook up your cassette deck or record player and get ready to catapult your analogue music collection into the digital age. The software provided makes it easier than ever to transfer your music onto your computer, clean up those annoying hisses and import it onto iTunes (or any other music software you decide to use).

Sounds (pun not intended) like the perfect purchase for those who want to preserve whatever’s left of their analog music collection for all posterity. After all, isn’t it silly to buy digitally remastered versions all over again from the Internet (or whatever future medium it comes in)? The U Record Music Converter will cost £49.99 a pop.

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