Indoor Barking Dog Deterrent

In certain countries, you aren’t allowed to keep dogs if you’re living in an apartment. One of the reasons is the apartment is not exactly the most conducive place for a pooch to roam around, and if the dog doesn’t learn to stop its barking, it could end up as a source of irritation to your neighbors. Why not train your four-legged friend to stay quiet unless commanded otherwise with the Indoor Barking Dog Deterrent?

This patented device quickly and humanely restores peace and quiet to a home vexed by a dog’s excessive barking. No special collar is required; when a dog barks within 25′ of the unit, it emits a harmless ultrasonic tone, inaudible to humans, that startles the animal into silence. The dog quickly associates its bark with the unpleasant sound, which conditions him to curb this undesirable behavior. The unit can also be activated manually to help you correct a dog’s other bad habits, such as lying on furniture or foraging through the trash. One 9-volt battery (not included) provides power for about two months, and an LED indicates battery life.

Meant for indoor use only, you can pick this useful tool up for $49.95 from Hammacher.

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