The HP eSkins

One of the issues with our electronic devices is their lack of individuality. Every electronic device, be it mobile phone, MP3 player, or laptop, comes shipped to us exactly alike, unless you buy a “limited edition”. Perhaps this is why HP has created the Electronic Skin, or eSkin, a flexible color film that can be applied to mobile phones, MP3 Players, digital cameras, notebooks, and netbooks.

HP uses roll-to-roll manufacturing to make the eSkin, and it has an electronically controlled color surface. It would appear that HP is marketing this for other businesses so they can tag their product with their print-quality colors and logos, which have visibility in direct sunlight and can shift electronically into a transparent state.
Personally, I think HP should target the eSkin to consumers, so that a user can put a personal touch on his or her electronic device. I wouldn’t mind putting a picture of my kids on my cellular phone, actually.

In all honesty, I am having a hard time picturing what eSkins actually are. Much of what you see here comes straight from the Press Release, but I am hoping they are more than just transparent stickers.

I’m still looking forward to the day where we have eSkins with animations, like the technology seen in the film Minority Report. Man, I swear I can’t get through an article without mentioning that film.

The HP eSkins have only recently been unveiled at DisplayWeek 2009. So far, there is no word on availability or price.

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