The StudioDesk Designed for Laptop Users

Despite that my computer set up is definitely complicated, I have always had more of a preference for the clean simple look when it comes to my desk. It’s just far easier for me to concentrate when I don’t have a lot of clutter and it’s even better to have all of the cords hidden away. So for me this desk won’t work due to the way I have things, but it’d be perfect for a student or even a home office that doesn’t require anything but your laptop.

The desk is designed specifically for laptop users. It gives you the ability to be connected to everything you need to be, while still hiding the clutter of the cords so that they stay out of sight at all times. To hide all of these cords is a faux leather mat that slides out of the way when you need access to the hidden cords. You could also store things you only use occasionally underneath the mat. For those that like to have a mouse handy, but don’t necessarily want to use it all of the time. Sadly as simplistic as the desk is, it’s a touch on the expensive side. It’ll cost you $599.95 from BlueLounge.

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