The 3 in 1 Mouse Pad Has built-in USB Hub

If the illuminated mouse pad with a calculator wasn’t really your style, you should check out this slightly more professional looking mouse pad. Granted, most people have had zero need for a mouse pad in quite some time, but there are those that prefer to still use one anyway. If you do like to have one around, this one has plenty of other uses that make it easily justifiable.

It not only makes a convenient spot to use your mouse, but it has a 3 port USB hub built into it. In addition to that, they’ve included a number pad. So if you type in numbers frequently, you might find that this is a little easier to use. It just all depends on how much you would use a number pad. You can purchase this 3 in 1 Mouse Pad for $29 from Gadget4all, which really isn’t too bad of a price once you factor in how much you’re getting in the one gadget.

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