Panasonic DMP-B15 Portable Blu-ray player

Panasonic is proud to announce that they have released their first portable Blu-ray player from their stables, although it definitely isn’t the first in the world. Known as the Panasonic DMP-B15, this model aims to offer the definitive High Definition Blu-ray experience for those on the go, coming with a high quality 8.9″ WSVGA LCD display that will feature Panasonic’s very own VIERA CAST Internet accessibility and BD Live functionality, in addition to an SD memory card slot. More on the DMP-B15 in further detail right after the jump.

Don’t be fooled - just because it is portable doesn’t mean it is gimped in any way. The DMP-B15 will come with virtually all the technology found in its stand-alone counterparts, notably the DMP-BD60, DMP-BD80 and the VHS-Blu-ray dual player DMP-BD70V. You can expect top image quality courtesy of its PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus technology that was specially developed in collaboration with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. What is the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus? This is but a high quality image-processing technology which is capable of processing each pixel of the Blu-ray Disc video signal in the vertical direction. This results in color data reproduction at twice the accuracy of conventional systems, giving your eyes the enjoyment of faithful and sharp colors.

Similar to the trio of stand-alone Blu-ray players from Panasonic, the DMP-B15 will come with VIERA CAST functionality. This special application allows users to access selected Web sites such as Amazon Video-on-Demand, where streaming video service like that will be able to be enjoyed instantly by offering consumers over 40,000 titles to choose from, YouTube; Google Picasa Web Album; Bloomberg and a weather channel. Expect the Amazon VOD to be rolled out later this month. Interestingly enough, the DMP-B15 is self-sufficient as there is no need for an external set-top box, and you won’t have to fork out an additional cent for it. Inside, you get a 2.5 hour rechargeable battery, HDMI connectivity and an optional headrest mounting bracket to complete the package.

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