Sony Unveils PSP Go

Looks like Sony can’t really keep their secrets from leaking out to the public before the official announcement, as image leaks as well as whispers of the PSP go were already making their rounds well ahead of the E3 announcement. Well, for those who recently picked up a Sony PSP-3000 (yes, it is in its third iteration already for that particular generation), there is a new device that looks set to displace the PSP-3000 in due time - assuming it does crazily well, of course. We’re guessing that Sony is taking Nintendo’s similar approach as they did all those years ago, touting the DS Phat to be the “third pillar”, only bringing it to the forefront and discontinuing the Game Boy line when the DS was found to be doing exceptionally well. Only time will tell, but let us take a look at the Sony PSP go in greater detail today.

The PSP go will arrive in stores for folks living in North America this October 1, while Europe/PAL territories and Asian countries will get theirs a month later, retailing for $249 and an equivalent amount in Euros, of course. As stated earlier, the PSP go will co-exist with the PSP-3000 in retail stores as gamers as well as those who are curious learn to decide which is the best possible portable gaming system for them. What makes the PSP go different is it won’t come with any UMD drive - instead, it will ditch all disc-based content by catering to those who want on-demand entertainment, featuring 16GB of internal memory as well as the ability to receive digital entertainment via the PlayStation Network. Sounds fine and dandy, but what about less developed markets where over-the-air download speeds are excruciatingly slow? Guess those folks will just have to settle for regular PSP-3000s.

Some of the interesting features available on the spanking new PSP go include an easy sliding panel alongside original applications, a game sleep function that lets you operate the XrossMediaBar while suspending gameplay for the moment, Bluetooth connectivity and a wide range of accessories to go along with it. What do you think of the form factor, and will the PSP go do for Sony what the DS Lite did for Nintendo?

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