Whistle Keyfinder Set of 2

Most of us would have experienced the sinking feeling of having lost our set of keys one time or another, hoping that some kind soul would return the key to us upon finding it, or for us to find it years later in some unexpected place. Why not take no chances with the Whistle Keyfinder Set of 2? It works slightly differently compared to all the other keyfinders in the market, as all you need to do is give a nice whistle and the Keyfinder, should it detect your whistle, will light up and beep noisily until you successfully locate the merry bunch of keys. Of course, it would help if the batteries in the Whistle Keyfinder Set of 2 have enough juice to work, so make sure you test the batteries from time to time and replace when necessary. The Whistle Keyfinder Set of 2 will retail for £5.99.

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