Cellphone Voice Changer

Come time to call for that ransom, you can’t have the listener recognizing your voice. Now there are all sorts of voice changers for your home phone, but you need something for when you’re on the road. Thankfully, Amazon is to the rescue as always. I haven’t the faintest idea what the practical application would be for a Cellphone Voice Changer, but there could be a perfectly legitimate reason for it. Just in case though, if anyone asks I’d mumble something about it being just some silly cellphone accessory. Most people might frown on you carrying one around.

Since it is a $21 set, it might be more similar to something you’d find at the joke shop as opposed to the secret spy shop. Which might make it better suited for prank calling your friends. You can even keep them on their toes since it has 4 voice change options. It also has an included battery that offers 30 hours of use.(Source:Bookofjoe)

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