T-OLED makes transparent glass a display

I think we all know that we are heading for an era where every pane of glass will be a display of some type. I mean, if there is one thing science fiction has taught us: no glass shall go to waste on something as mundane as a window.

It would appear that some Korean technology could make this a reality with transparent OLED or T-OLED. The purpose is to make a touch-sensitive transcreen.

I believe the intention is to make something that would be put on a windshield. I’ve heard that Microsoft has been working on that one.

For some reason, I always see this technology applied to automobile windshields. It’s like we can’t tolerate dashboard instrumentation anymore, or something. Yeah, I suppose we just got to have heads-up displays.

Most of these displays have involved some sort of tiny projector, which has been the only way you could get images on glass. I don’t see how the image on the device in the photo, but all those circuit boards below might be an indicator.

Personally, I want to see this on every window, mirror, or any other place where there is glass of any type. Of course, call me a dreamer. Of course, OLED technology is very expensive. Have you seen the price of OLED TVs these days?

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