Bionaire Litter Box cleans air

The major reason I don’t have a cat in my small apartment is because I remember all to well how much a litter box can stink up a full-sized house. I couldn’t imagine what it’d do to my place and frankly, I’d rather not find out. Those of you that live in small places or just tend to forget to clean out the litter box might be interested in this new solution. It’ll help make sure that the smell stays under control at all times.

This litter box has a built-in air purifier that quietly circulates all of that air that your cat keeps stinking up. It’s quiet enough that it won’t scare off your cat either. Within the box itself, it’s actually a normal litter box. It doesn’t require any special types of kitty litter. When you purchase this box it comes with 2 sets of filters and a 12 foot long power cord. You can purchase the whole set for $97.20 through Amazon.

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