G1 Optimus Prime Head with Built-In USB Speakers

USB speakers are pretty much a dime a dozen anymore. Most definitely fall into the boring category, but they all have their ways that they attempt to stand out from the crowd. Well these are probably going to appeal to the Transformer fans out there. This seems more like it’s for the younger Transformer fans, but I’m sure that won’t stop the hardcore fans that love these speakers anyway.

This 3 pound speaker just sits closed up when it’s not in use. Then when you want to use the speakers, there are two spots on either side of his head that open up. In addition to the Optimus Prime head, there will also be Ultra Magnus. Being just your average USB speakers, they’re probably not going to have fantastic sound to please those that are picky. However, they’d probably work just fine for the average person. You can purchase the head for $49.99 from the Big Bad Toy Store.

(Source: ChipChick)

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