Arimaz’s MyDeskFriend

Some of you might remember the Nabaztag White Rabbit, a Wi-Fi enabled device with wiggly ears that can be controlled via website. It would appear that Arimaz has come up with a sequel with MyDeskFriend.

This time, it’s a penguin. MyDeskFriend is supposed to be a “social-media companion”, as it primarily operates from Facebook. You can then exercise and feed the penguin from Facebook in order to keep it in a happy mood. Other Facebook friends can also play with it with the gameplay interface.

Speaking of interface, a user can play with the MyDeskFriend by following his or her finger. And in case you are wondering, you can’t lure MyDeskFriend off the edge of your desk, even though you may want to. No, five infrared sensors let MyDeskFriend know where the edge of the desk is, and it will stop before it takes the plunge.

MyDeskFriend also will alert the user when his or her friends have logged on, read Facebook messages, poke friends, and its eyes can display five different kinds of moods. Not only can it do Facebook functions, it can read e-mail, RSS feeds, stock quotes, weather, Twitter, calendar appointments, and instant messages.

It will also memorize 15 vocal commands, all for a low price of $99. So, what do you think? Worth it or not? Chime in with a comment with an answer.

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