Infinix Note 30 with an All-Round FastCharge Tech is Set to Capture the Smartphone Market!

Infinix will reveal the new Note 30 series later this month, sources familiar with the matter revealed to us. The phones will be equipped with the company’s All-Round FastCharge tech, which supports wired charging speeds of up to 260W and wireless speeds of up to 110W.

From what we hear, the Infinix Note 30 mid-rangers will not hit the maximum supported by All-Round, but they will introduce rapid wireless charging, while keeping the price under $300, which is going to be a first.


All-Round FastCharge isn’t just about speed, it also includes features like bypass charging (this disconnects the battery once charged and runs the phone on electricity from the charger). The tech also works with industry standard protocols like USB Power Delivery 3.0 and can do reverse charging too. Battery longevity is also in focus and the system keeps temperature low and supports intelligent night charging.

Previously, we have seen several models leak: Infinix Note 30 Pro, Note 30 VIP and Note 30 5G. There should be a vanilla Note 30 as well (4G) with a 5,000mAh battery.

PS. In case you missed it, check out our detailed tests of All-Round to see what it can do when it hits its top speed. Source: GSM Arena 05/16/2023 (TECHkyrocky)

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