USB Alarm for your notebook

This has to be the strangest form of protection for your laptop that you could manage to buy. With this around if anyone goes tampering with your USB ports, everyone within hearing range will know about it. They’ll also know if you forget about the alarm and just start unplugging things at random, which tends to happen when you’ve been up too late working on your computer.

You just plug it into the USB port and turn it on. Then if someone tries to unplug things in order to easily steal your laptop, an alarm will sound. The big catch is, if you have an observant criminal, all they have to do is shut off the side switch. Then again, if you’re rushing to stash a laptop, a little white box might fly under the radar. You can purchase this USB Notebook Crime Prevention Sensor for ¥2,400.00 or about $26 through Geek Stuff 4U. (Source: TechFresh)

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