E-ink concept could change the face of newspapers

I think we all know that newspapers are dying. However, it may be something that will always be around in some form, like radio.

This is a concept newspaper that uses E-ink with a semi-transparent surface. Basically, it is creates a display on a surface that looks just like a newspaper, but won’t leave any black ink residue on your hands.

There is a video after the break if you want to see it for yourself. It uses a fingerprint identifier to see who the user is, and then it looks like you are surfing the web.

I believe that this is what Apple wanted to do with the iPad, but bigger. Considering that the iPad already does what the iPhone can do, but bigger, maybe this will be the iPaper. iPaper. I like that, and it could easily catch on.

However, I’m not certain whether people will open up to a huge folding display that is actually larger than most mobile devices. After all, newspapers are very large and bulky, and they take up way to much tabletop space. We might be at the point where people prefer to have something on a smaller screen rather than a larger one.

Still, I guess I like any technology that looks like it is out of Minority Report, and showed up a few times in that film.

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