Solar Powered Window Alarm

I’m always all about any gadget that can function well, while being powered by nothing more than the sun. It cuts down on batteries and it’s basically the lazy man’s way of being eco-friendly. In that you really don’t have to put in a whole lot of effort and you’re managing to at least help to not make the earth any worse than its current state. That being said, I’m not entirely sold on this solar gadget. Since it is an alarm, it almost seems like it’s advertising its presence to burglars.

Sure, it’ll go off anytime someone opens the window at all. However, I’m curious if someone were to break a windowpane next to the solar panel and were to just shut it off or tear it off, if it would do any good. Then again many people looking at it from the outside would probably think it’s just a harmless solar gadget probably charging your cellphone. Which if that’s the case, it could still work. These window alarms come in twin packs for £24.99 or about $38.

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