Samsung Rolls Outnew Line of R80 Series Notebooks

Samsung is back with its latest range of multimedia powerhouse R80 series notebooks, and Best Buy will be the retailer of choice when it comes to these delectable machines. The entire line will keep up with the times, boasting Blu-ray drives to give you high definition entertainment on the go, nVIDIA GeForce graphics cards that ought to pack more than enough graphical firepower to keep your gaming sessions fun even on a notebook alongside a form factor that is well pleasing on the eyes – we’re talking about Samsung’s unique Crystal Wave design. Apart from the R80 series notebooks, Best Buy will also feature Samsung’s stylish N210 netbook.

There will be three models from the R80 series where users are able to pick up, and they are the R480, the R580 as well as the R780, where they will retail for $729.99, $829.99 and $929.99, respectively. The R780 is a Best Buy exclusive, so take note of that! Back to the specifications in greater detail – all models come with HD LED displays, where the R780 has a 17.3” screen, while the R580 comes with a 15.6” display with the R480 sporting a 14” display to offer you the sharpest images and boldest colors alongside a proper 16:9 aspect ratio. Other features include an integrated webcam and integrated microphone, making it useful to hold video chats while you’re on the go over a VoIP program such as Skype. Also, the inclusion of an HDMI output allows you to play back your Blu-eay movies or HD video straight to a TV.

As for its exterior, it comes in a scratch-resistant, polished pearl white design, while the non-glare display makes sure your eyes remain in tip top condition at all times. Since they’re all pretty affordable (considering the Blu-ray drive is thrown in), this new range ought to do pretty well.

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