ReviveLite II

The original ReviveLite would work fine for most people, but the down side of it is that it was pretty bulky. Not only did it keep an outlet covered, but it also had a dock off to the side of the outlet. With this 2nd edition ReviveLite it looks a whole lot more sleek and won’t be quite as much in the way. This new design makes a whole lot more sense than the old one did.

Just like the old one it offers a night light to make wandering around in the dark much easier. The smaller version has one other nice change, it has been designed to include a USB port. That USB port can charge all sorts of other gadgets, all the while you can be powering up your iPod or iPhone on the dock. Plus, since it’s so small, it’d be a very portable device to have around. You can purchase it for $24.99. Right now it’s available through Scosche, but throughout the spring it’ll start appearing at other retailers.

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