iPod Desktop Speaker, an Afforadable Gift

Finding affordable gifts for someone who is more into technology than anything else can sometimes seem to be a trying task. Luckily though there are some retailers happy to sell off speakers to go with your precious iPod or iPhone. With this speaker it’ll play your music, while also giving a spot to rest your iPod and leave it on display. You could easily see and flip through music while it’s hooked up to the speaker.

It’s not really something you carry everywhere with you. It would be nice to have sitting on a desk of some kind though. For students with cramped living conditions it would work out great. The device is meant for the iPhone or any of the iPods besides the Shuffle. It will hook up to any MP3 player though. In order to keep it running, it requires 4 AAA batteries. You can purchase the speaker in both red and black for $9.99 a piece through the container store.


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