The Orbit USB Laptop Speaker

For being such a simple looking speaker, it still manages to somehow look great. There is really nothing out of the ordinary with its looks except that it doesn’t look like just another cheap plastic speaker. It actually looks like it’s created out of decent quality materials. No, it’s not in some goofy shape to show your love of Star Wars or something along those lines. Then again, perhaps that’s a good thing.

The speaker is small and meant to be plugged into your laptop for when you need a bit better sound quality. Anyone that’s ever owned a laptop is aware that they don’t exactly have stellar sound quality built into them. The speaker is plenty portable and is said to offer big sound. Which would make it easier when you want to listen to music or watch a movie on your laptop. Hopefully what they say is true too, since you’re going to get stuck paying $49.95 for the speaker.

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