Remote BBQ Thermometer with Timer

For the person that is extremely committed to their grilling, I’m sure top of the line accessories are the absolute only option. However, if you’re fairly casual about your grilling, but would still like some grilling accessories to make your life easier, this affordable gadget could be a big help. It will allow for you to grill without being tied right next to it. There have been other remote BBQ thermometers, but this is by far the most affordable one I’ve come across.

There was a talking thermometer posted here on Coolest Gadgets, but it will cost you $70. Whereas this much more simple version of the gadget will only cost you $19.95. It’s a big price difference, especially when both gadgets still do the same thing. One just happens to have a lot more tricks and other fancy extras. This Remote BBQ Thermometer also includes a timer and will monitor your food up to 100 feet away.
(Source: CrunchGear)

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