Wifi Scale Helps Track Your Weight Through Your iPhone

Sticking to a diet is never a simple task, you end up having to jump through a bunch of hoops just to keep yourself on track. Then on top of it, you have to keep yourself motivated enough to care. Well this Wifi Scale could be the visual motivation you need to keep eating right. Instead of just weighing yourself and scowling over the numbers, you can discover if you’ve gone up or down over time. You can even keep an eye on the ups and downs when you’re away from the scale itself.

This very thin and chic looking scale links up with your iPhone to help you keep an eye on things. Through your iPhone you can view a graph that shows whether you have gone up or down, which might be just enough to keep you from ordering what you shouldn’t on your lunch break. The numbers over time can be compared to references created by nutrition doctors. It sends all of this information automatically, when you step on the scale. You can purchase it for €130 or about $180.

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