Dell Unveils Vostro 1220

Dell’s foray into the business computing world continues with yet another model release - the Dell Vostro 1220. This little machine has the objective of redefining the way small businesses think about mobile computing, where traditional business models are now obsolete since entrepreneurs require the added flexibility to get work done just about anywhere they are. The Vostro 1220 aims to meet this need by being part of the industry’s broadest lineup of small-business notebooks that will cater to folks who are always on the go. The Vostro 1220 is an extremely portable 12.1″ notebook, making it the only 12″ business notebook in the world that is able to boast similar firepower to a full-size notebook.

With the 11″ to 12” panel size being extremely popular among commercial customers everywhere, the Vostro 1220 was designed to meet that stance, and it will come with a whole host of improvements over its predecessor that was launched a couple of years back. New additions and improvements include:

Improved performance with the latest generation Intel processors

Up to 8GB of memory and faster HDD options

More ways to secure your data – encrypted hard drives, solid state drives

Video conferencing

Faster connectivity with Gigabit and Wi-Fi options

Up to 9 hours of battery life

I don’t suppose that only business-oriented folk will be able to pick this up, as surely ordinary people like you and me who want a reliable notebook that won’t strain your shoulders on road trips will also find the Vostro 1220 to be an alluring purchase. With encrypted hard drives and fingerprint readers, you ought to feel much safer already knowing that it will be much harder to break into this notebook in case of theft, ensuring your data within remains safe and sound from prying eyes. It also sounds like a great back-to-class notebook to have.

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