It was only yesterday when we reported on the concept MID (Mobile Internet Device) designed by Jan Rytir. Now take a gander at the WiPC, designed by BlueRadios Inc.

WiPC? Because there is apparently a need for wireless mobile broadband devices, that’s why. Okay, that joke didn’t really work, but who wouldn’t want “access to Internet-based information and entertainment content as well as voice, data, and video communications”.

Of course, one of the limitations to the WiPC or any MID is that tiny screen to surf the net with. Fortunately, this WiPC has a high-resolution color liquid crystal micro display, and superior magnifying optics coupled with some video technology can create a “virtual 15 inch image”. I’m not certain how that is possible to enlarge that image of that size.

Still, you’ve got to admire the miniaturization process that BlueRadios has accomplished. According to the company president and CEO Mark Kramer, they have reduced a typical 5 pound laptop down to 3 ounces. Not bad.

This product will be available to “OEMs and large consumer electronics distributors with advanced operating systems such as Windows, Android, or Linux”. It can also support Bluetooth 3.5G, WiFi, and GPS. There is no word on a price as yet. Anyone want to comment with an estimate?

May 7th, 2009 by Mark R in Coolest Mobile News, Electronic Gadgets

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