The New 70 Series Samsung Monitors

With so many LCD monitors to choose from these days, what are some of the choices available to the common man? Well, Samsung has just added to your headache by compounding the “problem” with a trio of new 70 Series Monitors, and they are the P2070, P2370 and P2370HD. Two of these slim LCD monitors will feature a screen depth of 30mm, while the P2370HD is measured at 65.5mm. The three of them will also boast Samsung’s very own Touch of Color (ToC) design. The 70 Series of LCD monitors were meant to impart the performance capability of Samsung TVs onto the average desktop, as more and more people take up the option to view their TV shows on a computer in addition to using it for daily productivity tasks.

All three models of the 70 Series Monitors will come with a dynamic contrast ratio (50,000:1) for deep, rich colors, while the 2ms (GTG) video response time minimizes blurring for watching sports and fast-moving gameplay. The inclusion of its crystal-like bezel frame complete with ToC helps reduce the reflection of light and glare for a more comfortable viewing experience. Samsung designers also decided to make the monitor look as though it was floating in mid-air thanks to a clear, crystal-like acrylic neck.

Samsung has also integrated its very own Startlight Touch Controls in terms of the On Screen Display (OSD) buttons being merged into the bezel itself, making the entire monitor feel and look like one seamless device without any ugly obtrusive buttons on the front or sides. All it takes to activate these buttons is a single touch, where light illuminating these controls will disappear automatically after a determined period of time in order to minimize distractions while you’re engrossed in your favorite movie. There is no word on pricing or availability for all three 70 Series LCD TVs as at press time, but you’ll be pleased to know they come with a suite of eco-conscious features such as reduced energy consumption, making it sip around 33% less power to operate against standard monitors of similar size. Guess you can shortlist the Samsung 70 Series if you’re looking to upgrade your monitor in the near future.

Article SOURCE: 10th, 2009 by Edwin)

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